Save Edge Ultra Sharp Chainsaw Files
the sharpest, longest lasting files on the market.
A sharp, fast cutting file saves you time and money.
Expect 2-3 times longer life than other brands.

Round Chainsaw Files
Round, parallel single cut file used for sharpening chain saws. Also available in 2-P Vinyl Sleeves.
6” x 1/8” 3.2 mm 637-3011  
8” x 5/32” 4.0 mm    637-3021  
8” x 11/64” 4.5 mm 637-3041  
8” x 3/16” 4.8 mm 637-3031  
8” x 13/64” 5.2 mm 637-3051  
8” x 7/32” 5.5 mm 637-3061  
8” x 1/4” 6.3 mm 637-3071  
8” x 5/16” 8.0 mm 733-0717  
Chain Saw File Handle      
Durable, blue plastic, re-usable handle that will hold round files from 1/8” to 7/32”. Built in 30◦ and 35◦ angle guides. A wing nut tightens and secures the file to the handle. Inside handle storage space for spark plug, removable end cap.
Filing Guide Set
Includes guide plate, file and a handle. Sharpening angles stamped on plate.
Filing Guide Set 5/32” 637-9028  
Filing Guide Set 3/16” 637-9027
Filing Guide Set 7/32” 637-9026
Flat Chainsaw (Raker) Files
Parallel, single cut file with 2 uncut round edges. Used for lowering the depth gauge of saw chain.
6” Flat Chainsaw File 637-1060  
8” Flat Chainsaw File 637-1080  
Flat Goofy Files
Same files as the Raker file, except with cut round edges. Used by chain saw carvers and Hot Saw contestants
6” Goofy File 638-1060
8” Goofy File 638-1080
Chisel Bit Files
Parallel with edges and sides single cut.
For sharpening square chisel chain
7” Flat Chisel Bit File 638-1070
Chisel Bit Files
6-sided, parallel, all sides single cut. For sharpening square chisel chain.
7” 3-Square Chisel Bit File  638-2080   
Stump Vise      
Stump Vise 639-VISE 
Hammer this handy vise into a stump for an easy on site sharpening. Securely holds your chainsaw while you sharpen your chain.

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