Laminate Files

Item                                  Part Number

10” Mill Coarse               708-0306

12” Mill Coarse               708-0308

14” Mill Coarse               (Coming soon)

10” Mill Standard           607-0010

12” Mill Standard           607-0012

14” Mill Standard           607-0014

10” Flat Coarse                701-0035

12” Flat Coarse                701-0038

14” Flat Coarse                (Coming soon!)

 8” Handy File                  730-8833

10” Handy File                 730-8838

 8” Dual-Cut                     730-8840

10” Dual-Cut                   730-8845

**Save Edge laminate files are available at building supply distributors.

A Good Sharp Tool that Works for You!

Save Edge premium laminate files are noticeably sharper than most brands.  Their unique tooth structure combined with the added sharpness, results in an aggressive, yet smooth cutting performance.  Because of the level of sharpness, these files can be “floated” effortlessly to produce the desired edge. Pushing is not necessary!

Manufactured in Portugal and processed for sharpness in the USA