Laminate Files
Specifically designed for the woodworking industry for filing high pressure laminate and solid surface. These files cut faster and clog less than regular files.

»Dual-Cut »Mill Coarse
»Flat Coarse »Mill Standard
»Handy File  

8” Handy 730-8833FC
10” Handy 730-8838FC
Mill Standard
Single cut file similar to Mill Coarse, except less aggressive. Very long lasting.
10” Mill Standard 607-0010
12” Mill Standard 607-0012
14” Mill Standard 607-0014
This is our most popular laminate file. One side is Mill Coarse cut, one side Flat Coarse cut. Built in paddle handle. This file was developed and first produced by our company.
8” Dual-Cut   730-8840FC
10” Dual-Cut 730-8845FC
Flat Coarse
The Flat Coarse is a single cut file with special ground chip breakers (diagonal grooves). This file gives a semi-smooth finish and is more aggressive and removes material faster than the Mill Coarse.
10” Flat Coarse 701-0035FC
12” Flat Coarse 701-0038FC
Handy File
General purpose file originally designed for cutting metal. One side smooth mill cut, one side smooth flat cut. One square edge, one round edge.
Mill Coarse
Mill Coarse is a single cut file, which removes material rapidly, yet gives a smooth finish.
10” Mill Coarse 708-0306FC
12” Mill Coarse 708-0308FC

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