The Original "Horse Rasp"


The Save Edge “Original” rasp has been the industry standard for many years.  This rasp is known for having a smooth yet aggressive cutting action due to a superior tooth design and precision sharpening process.  Save Edge rasps are used regularly by professional farriers who demand premium tools that work!


Photo Finish Rasp

The Save Edge Photo Finish Rasp

  • Combines two Save Edge innovations – the rasp teeth that Save Edge is known for on one side and the super smooth cutting teeth of a Save Edge finishing rasp on the other.

  • The Photo Finish is the rasp of choice for live shoeing competitors worldwide.

Final Touch

The SAVE EDGE Finishing Rasp, is called “Final Touch.” The fine side of this rasp acts as a polishing tool.  These specially designed teeth produce a show quality finish that is as smooth as glass.  The “Final Touch” is the rasp of choice when a high gloss finish is needed.

“Beast” Rasp

The “Beast” Rasp available in both 14” and 17” versions, was invented by the Save Edge team and introduced to the world in 2003.  The extra width of these rasps provides much more cutting surface! This invention allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes!



    14” Save Edge® “Original”           722-2450FS

    14” Save Edge® Photo Finish           722-2455FS

    14” Save Edge® Final Touch       722-2453FS

    14” Save Edge® Beast Rasp             722-2450EW

    17” Save Edge® Beast Rasp             722-2452EW


    Rasp Handle Blue                   739-0027FS

    Rasp Handle White                 739-0028FS

    Rasp Handle Black                 739-0029FS

    Rasp Handle Red                    739-0026FS


    Diamond Knife Sharpener      739-0059FS

    Hook and Loop File                739-0056FS


    6” Veneer Knife File              710-0000FS

    8” Veneer Knife File              710-0005FS

    14” Half Round Bastard         602-1014VA

    Farrier’s File Pack                  739-0065FS      (5 file assortment)              

    Anvil Devels                           734-0808FS

    Rasp Resharpening Program

    Two simple steps to save money:

     1. Tightly package your rasps

    (use cardboard between each one)

    2. Ship to:

    Save Edge

    360 West Church Street

    Xenia, Ohio  45385

    (include your name, return address, and phone number)



    14” HORSE RASP                              $7.37

    14” BEAST RASP                               $8.45

    17” BEAST RASP                               $8.75



    14” HORSE RASP                              $11.90

    14” EXTRA WIDE RASP                  $13.30

    16” & ABOVE RASP                          $13.70