Let The Save Edge Saving System
Work For You!

1. Collect discarded files until the minimum quanity requirement is met.
  • 25 Files - General Industry
  • 12 Horse Rasps - Farriers
2. Pack the files tightly in a crate or sturdy container.
Ship them to:

File Sharpening Co., Inc.
360 West Church St.
Xenia, Ohio 45385

(include your company name and address in the box)
  • Each file is tested after resharpening. This 100% inspection program ensures excellent quality.
  • Resharpened files will perform as well and last nearly as long as they did when new.




  • Files are wrapped in packages of six and are clearly identified as to
    type and size.

  • Files that do not meet quality standards are scrapped at no charge.
    These files will be replaced with new product upon customer's request.
Cost Savings
  • Many customers report as much as 75% annual file budget savings.
  • Most files can be resharpened from 2 to 6 times depending on the use.
Resharpening Service Terms & Conditions
1. All orders must meet minimum quanity requirements.
  • 25 Files - General Industry
  • 12 Horse Rasps - Farriers
2. All shipments are F.O.B. Xenia. Shipments will be returned in customer's container when possible.
3. Payment terms are 30 days - net.
4. File Sharpening Co., Inc. is not responsible for orders lost by common carriers/parcel services. Shipments will be insured upon request.

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