Laminate Files

Dual Cut

Our top selling file, the Dual-cut is a combination of the Flat Coarse and the Mill Coarse.  This file allows professionals to enjoy the convenience of two files in one.  Material can be removed quickly with one side and then a final finishing pass can be achieved with the other side.  Two steps in the process are achieved with a flick of the wrist!

Handy File

The Handy File is a general utility file that many professionals use for fine tuning an edge.  This file features an extremely smooth side and a slightly rougher side.

Flat Coarse

Flat Coarse files are designed for rapid removal of material. They feature uniquely ground lines (chip-breakers) that prevent clogging during use.

Mill Coarse

Mill Coarse files are aggressive and super sharp.  These files produce a smooth finish with very little effort.

Mill Standard

The Mill Standard files are intended to be used with a “feather light” touch resulting in a fine finished edge.

        Item                    Part Number

10” Mill Coarse               708-0306

12” Mill Coarse               708-0308

14” Mill Coarse               708-0040FC

10” Mill Standard            607-0010

12” Mill Standard            607-0012

14” Mill Standard            607-0014

10” Flat Coarse               701-0035

12” Flat Coarse               701-0038

14” Flat Coarse               701-0040FC

8” Handy File                 730-8833

10” Handy File                730-8838

8” Dual-Cut                    730-8840

10” Dual-Cut                   730-8845

Save Edge laminate files are available at building supply distributors