14″ White Horse Rasp


The White Horse Rasp is a hybrid between the Save Edge Photo Finish and the Save Edge 14” Beast Rasp.

The WHITE HORSE has a sharp rasp side, designed to remove material easily with little effort. The WHITE HORSE is 10% wider and thinner than our Photo Finish Rasp making it more efficient to use. With a wider working surface, the WHITE HORSE makes levelling and flattening easier on the hoof. The file side of the WHITE HORSE has very sharp edges with an overlapping cut which leaves a very smooth, glossy finish. The WHITE HORSE will not disappoint.

Technical Data

  • Weight: 610 grams / 1.34 lb.
  • Length: 35.5 cm / 14 inch (excl. tang)
  • Width: 5 cm / 2 inch